Big physics – big business

17 November 2015

UCD researcher Ronan Wallace recently completed a study of business opportunities should Ireland join CERN.

The report outlined the industrial, manufacturing and technological needs of CERN and the ability of existing Irish businesses to cater for these needs. The report noted that CERN had a potential market for Irish businesses of €300 million annually. However, opportunities are currently severely limited as generally only businesses in countries who are members of CERN can bid for contracts. The report also included a survey of around 200 relevant high-tech businesses in Ireland with just under 80% of respondents supporting Irish membership of CERN.

Irish membership of international research organisations is currently under government review, the results of which are expected to be published shortly in the successor strategy for science, innovation and technology The Institute of Physics in Ireland has produced detailed cases for membership of CERN and also the European Southern Observatory in Chile.



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