Physics ceramic timeline launched by Minister for Children

30 May 2012

Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald launched a ceramic mural of a physics time line at St. Joseph’s College Lucan on Tuesday 29 May 2012.

Rebecca Urquhart
Creator/Physics and Art student, Rebecca Urquhart

The spectacular mural, created by fifth year students in conjunction with ceramic artist, Niamh Synnott, is a timeline of developments in physics with a special emphasis on women and Irish scientists.

It runs from the time of Galileo looking though his telescope to the future of science followed by Newton, Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Roentgen, Curie, Rutherford, Cockroft, Walton and Jocelyn Bell Burnell. 

The final image on the mural is the Large Hadron Collider, bringing the mural up to 2012. To the right of the mural is the school’s physics lab – the future of physics!

Inspiration for the project came from an Institute of Physics in Ireland ‘Physics in Time’ poster showing significant physics discoveries since the 16th Century placed in the context of major milestones from the worlds of exploration, art, history, politics, sport and science. 

This poster was given to every school in Ireland. Alison Hackett, IOP Representative in Ireland said, “We wanted the poster be truly cross curricular and for it to be as beautiful as it is informative.”

The work began as an effort to do something artistic in a run down part of the school which took on momentum as the art students engaged with science through the school’s highly enthusiastic physics teacher, Declan Doherty.

Project co-ordinator and art teacher, Niamh Garvey noted “as 2012 is Dublin City of Science Year, it is very appropriate to create a cross-curricular artwork with the Science Department.”

The mural has been sponsored by Creative Engagement, the Institute of Physics Ireland and a number of local businesses.

Ceramic mural of a physics Timeline
Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald launches the ceramic physics Timeline

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