Tyndall lectures 2014

The Physics of Martial Arts.

Side kick

The Tyndall Lectures are held at various venues throughout Ireland at the end of January each year. 

Following in the tradition of the esteemed Irish physicist John Tyndall (1820-1893) who delivered hundreds of lectures at the Royal Institution in London, these IOP Ireland-sponsored lectures use demonstrations and interactivity to enthuse school children about the physics they are learning in class.

The 2014 Tyndall Schools' Lecture Series sees Master Robert Howard (7th Degree Master in Taekwondo) give a lecture on The Physics of Martial Arts. The lecture and demonstration is aimed at 5th and 6th year second level students and will explain the physics behind the breaking of wood and tiles with Taekwon-Do hand and foot techniques. 

Master Howard who also has a PhD in physics will be explain the concepts of; velocity, momentum, force and energy, while at the same time checking if his physics is correct by smashing timber and tiles.
The eight venues are Carlow, Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Derry, Belfast, Dublin and Galway. Full details and contacts may be found in the Tyndall 2014 programme (PDF, 984 KB).

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