Tyndall Lectures 2020

The ABC of the Universe - Using Physics to Unlock the Hidden Treasures of Nature with Dr. Liz Conlon

Physics is embedded and woven deeply into the fabric of everyday experiences of the modern world – throughout each day we use products or technology that stem from physics, from boiling a kettle, using a touchscreen, taking a flight to getting an x-ray in hospital.

Physicists have the astonishing privilege to peer deeply into nature and, from the complexity therein, derive a simplicity that humans can utilise to make their lives better and easier. Physics research leads to advances across medicine, biology, chemistry, materials science, computer science, transport, communications and environmental science.

You are invited on a physics adventure to see how, with just three particles and four forces, we can build a model of the universe and set about interacting with these building blocks to deliver mind-blowing advances in understanding and technology.

In an era of fake news, physics is a beacon of accuracy that provides us with the ability and confidence to solve problems we don’t even know we have yet. You will see how exploring physics trains you to think carefully and rationally and improves your well-being by giving you a deep connection with and understanding of reality.

Dr Liz Conlon

Liz holds an honours degree in Physics and a PhD in Astrophysics from Queen’s University Belfast. She spent years researching the Sun and hot, blue stars and specialised in a rare group of pre-planetary nebula stars. 

She is passionate about sharing physics with everyone and in 1996 developed a Schools’ Internet Centre at the Armagh Planetarium allowing school pupils to carry out research on real observational data from large international telescopes. 

In 2014 Liz helped to set up the NI Science Festival, which has become one of the largest science festivals in Europe. She has supported physics throughout Ireland as Education and Outreach Advisor to the Institute of Physics in Ireland and is now a freelance physics communicator.


The Tyndall school lecture series will be taking place across nine locations in January and February 2020. If you would like your school to attend a Tyndall Lecture, please register with the relevant coordinator to confirm your booking - please see contact details below:

*Please note that spaces are limited and schools must register to confirm their place.

DateLocationTime/sContact details
Monday 13 JanuaryUniversity College Dublin12-1pm
Angela Dunne O’Toole
E: angela.dunneotoole@ucd.ie 
T: 01 716 2213
Monday 20 JanuaryUniversity College Cork12-1pm
Nini Schwart
E: physics@ucc.ie
T: 021 490 2013
Tuesday 21 JanuaryWaterford Institute of Technology12-1pmGabriel Gallagher
E: ggallagher@wit.ie
T: 051 302 645
Thursday 23 
University Limerick10-11am
Josephine Hogan
Tel 061 202578
Friday 24 JanuaryNational University of Galway12-1pmE: physics@nuigalway.ie
T:  091 492490
Tuesday 28 JanuaryIT Carlow11am-12pmYvonne Kavanagh
E: yvonne.kavanagh@itcarlow.ie
T: 059 917 5709
Thursday 30 JanuaryIT Sligo12-1pmEileen Armstrong
E: armstrong.eileen@itsligo.ie
T: 071 930 5531
Tuesday 4
Foyle College11.50am- 12.50 pm
Sandra O'Connell
E: sandraoconnell77@hotmail.com
T: +44 79898 90331
Wednesday 5 FebruaryQueen’s University Belfast1-2pmE: mp.outreach@qub.ac.uk
T:  +44 28 9097 3533

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