2010 Teacher of Physics award winner citations

Diarmuid Hickey
As an outstanding physics communicator, Diarmuid combines his expert knowledge with wit and humour, making him a role model and mentor amongst his colleagues.

While he proved to be an exceptional manager during a five-year period as the school’s deputy principal, he chose to return to the classroom as for him, teaching was more important and satisfying work.

Jane McLoughlin Shimizu
As a senior infant teacher, Jane has promoted the teaching of science not only in her own school but across many other schools throughout Ireland. Through the Galway Educational Centre she has been a major contributor to in-service training of teachers in science and maths, and has been seconded to the Galway Science and Technology festival each year to inspire and model best teaching and learning practice.

Always generous with her time and expertise, Jane excels in finding creative ways to engage and motive her pupils.

Noel Cunningham
As a senior physics teacher, Noel shows untiring enthusiasm for his subject often going beyond the set syllabus to foster critical thinking, to explore historical backgrounds and to encourage students to shape the direction of their learning.

Noel is always available to students, colleagues and parents and has even set up his own website, to share resources and video clips.

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